ProSmoke E Cig Cartridge Coupon Code

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Refillable E Cig Cartridges

There are now so many different ways to smoke e cigarettes but one of the most popular is through the use of a rechargeable e cig that has refillable cartridges.

A refillable cartridge has many different meanings.  For a e cig beginner, we recommend that you replace your e cig cartridge when it runs out with a new cartridge.  When you buy a rechargeable e cig starter kit, it will come with at least five cartridges and you use these nicotine cartridges when one runs out.  When you run low, you should order new ones before you run out.

For the DIY type of individuals, you can buy the nicotine solutions and flavor additives, mix them together and take a part your cartridge and refill them with more nicotine.

For me, it is just more convenient to buy replacement cartridges that are full of nicotine and just unscrew them as I go through them.  That is what I recommend to all my friends.